Home Ceramic Table Lamp


Home Ceramic Table Lamp

Home table lamp is an indispensable part in domestic outfit. Lamp body appearance is concise and deft, it is to point to the desk lamp that uses to read a book to write technically, the direction that this kind of lamp can adjust the height of lamp pole, illumination and brightness commonly, basically be illuminated to read a function. The home table lamps not only offer illumination, but also elevates the tone of the whole house. The scope of bright illuminate of ceramic house table lamp is relatively smaller and concentrated, won't affect the light of whole room consequently, action is limited around table lamp, facilitate reading, study, save energy.  


Weltalk is a ceramic table lamp company with more than 30 years of experience in the research of color glaze, and we can make all kinds of color table lamps to match different decoration themes. We have table lamps for livinig room, dining room, bedroom, etc. Our factory offers different home table lamps to suit different decoration styles. Have the hand painted pottery and porcelain lamp that accords with literary style, also have the table lamp of color glaze pottery and porcelain that accords with contracted style, still have the desk lamp of electroplating pottery and porcelain that accords with costly style.  If you are looking for reliable table lamp suppliers & manufacturers, welcome to contact us.

About Home Ceramic Table lamps

About hand-painted ceramic lamp we have master level hand-painted workers, and created "great Desert" 

and "Aurora" two best-selling hand-painted series, and this series have been purchased copyright, is not 

replicable; For electroplated ceramic table lamps, we have a professional electroplating machine, which can 

be plated with shiny gold and silver table lamps to match the resplendent decoration style.


In addition, we also use environmentally friendly paint to paint on the ceramic to make industrial and garden style table lamps, which are the characteristics of our main products, but not suitable for bed room. Home 

decor table lamps exterior is luxurious while qualitative and design are diversiform, lamp body structure is 

complex, using at adorning dimensional effect, adornment function and illumination function are equally 


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